Are Nofollow Links Worth Buying?

Today, we will talk about whether nofollow links are worth buying. One of our subscribers asks: "Are nofollow links worth buying for promotion in Google?"

It should be pointed out that in the case of nofollow links, a double tag is not used, it is an attribute of the link, which means it is not a wrapping, rather it's a property of the link. 

So, are they worth buying?

When we analyze some site that barely buys links, then, in the case of anchor links, we will almost always see the following: 

Firstly, 80-90% of the links will not be anchor links. That is, there will be site addresses in different types (with www, without it, and other), page addresses that are also designed differently (with and without a slash at the end, with and without a protocol, with or without www, and so on), but it's still just the page address. There will be some general wordings: site, on site, source and similar (depending on the project); secondly, most of the links, about 80% of them, will be with the nofollow attribute. This is because most sites that allow users to put links on them automatically configure so that this attribute is present. It is done so they don't get spammed and so that nobody uses their platform just to get links. 

Even when many sites, on which it is impossible to make posts and put links to third-party users, make such posts with links, they set the nofollow attribute either automatically or manually. This usually happens automatically.

In the West, people are less concerned about outbound links. And there the statistics are slightly shifted towards links that are not closed by nofollow, although most of them still have this attribute.

Therefore, it is important to understand that using nofollow on a link tells a search engine not to take such a link into account: it is simply here, it seems like users need it, but no weight needs to be transferred there. 

And if you build your strategy as naturally as possible by putting nofollow links almost exclusively, then you will get barely any effect from them or none at all . But in order for your so—called dofollow links (those without the nofollow attribute)set the nofollow attribute) to work better, you need to simulate naturalness. It is necessary that most of the links that you use are with the nofollow attribute and also are non-anchor.

The strategy we use here, which I explain at my courses, is based on the fact that most of the links that you use are used via some crowd-related or link submission sites. Thus, they will be both non-anchor and nofollow in most cases. A smaller number of links should be the expensive anchor links from good sites, from good donors, and without the nofollow attribute. To sum up, you should have a lot more nofollow links, about 3-5 times more than dofollow.