What Not to Do When Making Product Cards

Author: Andrey Buylov

Today, we will discuss what not to do when making product cards. One of our subscribers asks: "What not to do with this type of product card? For example, it is not recommended to write "out of stock" or something like that. "

As far as I remember, this is a question for our video about products that are no longer in stock. 

What not to do

  1. There is no need to delete the price of your product. Try to always leave the latest price. Or, you can just leave it without any notes, if you are ready to work with those who will say something like "why is your price not relevant?" or make a postscript with an explanation, something like: "at the moment, the product is out of stock, this is the latest price."
  2. As for "out of stock", If you have the opportunity to coordinate with all the owners, then it is better simply not to write "out of stock." Instead, be more cunning, and write, for example, "advance order." Or, if you know that the product is not in stock, but the supplier will deliver it in a month, then consider doing the following:
    • either do not write anything concerning availability;
    • or write that the product is available, but the delivery is in 30 days.

Even if you provide information on the timing that is not quite accurate, it's okay. Just tell the client later that it's not really 30 days, but let's say, 45. There is nothing illegal about doing this. The key is to inform your client about the real terms before they pay.

To sum up: try not to mark the product as not available.

Important tip: if the product is out of stock and you have left the price, you must have a call-to-action (CTA) button:

  • if you make it appear that the product is in stock but won't arrive soon, then simply put the "buy" or "add to cart" button;
  • however, if you write "advance order," then you definitely need a CTA button like "notify when available" or "order," "advance order," or something of that nature. That is, any action-button associated with the purchase must be present.

What you need to do

When it comes to everything else, simply follow everything that you have already learned about in previous videos.

If you think that this product will still appear, it's not time to delete it yet.

If it definitely will not be available, you can also redirect the page to a new address of the most similar and most recently available product. However, it should be similar to the previous product. This way a part of the factors will form. It is especially useful if there were links to the old page and it had a certain ranking.

In the event that there is a new product that is very similar to the previous one, it can be placed directly to the old address, to the same URL. Then the new product will most likely be ranked much better than if it were posted on another page.

Then you simply do all the rest, just like with regular cards:

  • the photos should be large, of high quality and preferably several of them;
  • the characteristics should be as detailed as possible;
  • at least some minimal, generated text is also preferable;
  • a competent recommendation system at the bottom ("frequently bought together," "similar products" and so on).

And, of course, as with any site page, an optimized title. Also, do not use important tags like h1 and others in the header and in the footer of the site. Everything that concerns commercial factors: links in the "Payment" and "Delivery" menus, "Shopping Cart" or some other CTA-button also must be present, even without any product. Basically, you need to do everything else regarding SEO promotion.

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