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Maya Nizamova
There is a difference between a professional ad campaign and an ordinary one - more clients for the same money.
Contact us and we will make an audit of your ad campaign. Usually, 70% of advertising is configured with mistakes.
  • - We will correct them
  • - We will write working ads
  • - We calculate the cost of sales.
One-time setup ad campaign
Setting up and monthly maintenance of the campaign
What do we do next?
To get started, let's determine the total budget for the ad campaign, with which you can test and refine the strategy in your niche.
We determine the tariff, deal with documents:
  • We prepare the contract and the first bill;
  • You sign the contract, we exchange scans;
  • We send the originals by mail;
  • You pay the bill.
As soon as the payment has passed, our team stars working:
  • We do the first phase of work;
  • We gather the semantic core;
  • Once approved, we start ongoing Adwords management with daily monitoring and monthly reports.
Further regular work   with daily control and monthly reports.
Stages of promotion
First stage
  1. Keyword research:
    • Google.Adwords cues (keyword planner)
    • Search prompts in Google
    • Statistics in the system to collect statistics of the client
  2. Creating ads that work (in most cases we get "a bunch of one ad - one query")
  3. Selection of minus-words
  4. Using operators
  5. Writing UTM tags
  6. Adjusting all settings
  7. Creating a retargeting campaign (to users who have already visited the site)
  8. Selection of the rates for the maximum impact within a monthly budget
  9. Setting up quick links
  10. Adding images to the ads
  11. Setting goals to track conversions
Second stage
  1. Tracking budget expenditures
  2. Adjusting rates for maximum impact within a monthly budget
  3. Analysis of the effectiveness of ads and keywords
  4. Adding and correcting minus-words
  5. Correction of ads
  6. Correction of quick links
  7. Addition of new, removal of ineffective and correction of keywords
Repeat regularly for
the whole period website promotion
Contact us for an effective Google Ads campaign and client traffic will go to your site in the first days of launch.

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