Web Development

Website creation

Our company

Web Design & Development is one of the main services we provide for more than 18 years. Our approach to it means that the client receives a full-fledged tool for representing their business on the Internet.
18 years we create and promote websites
Over 150 created websites
50 experienced employees
Promoted more than 600 projects
We use modern technologies

How we work
SEO-friendly design
We take into account the requirements of search engines in our sites, so the project will not have to be redone for further SEO promotion.
We take into account all the nuances
We make convenient projects for the convenience of their management and further development.
We offer the best options
We make convenient projects for the convenience of their management and further development.
We get into the sphere of business
Build sites considering instruments of business, which are typical for the particular sphere.
Who will work on the project?
Your project

Project Manager

Communicates with the customer, identifies requirements for the project, manages the process of developing the site and monitors deadlines.


Frontend, Backend and server administrators implement the planned functionality on the site and make it work reliably.

SEO specialists

They define the requirements for the site in terms of SEO, create an optimal structure of the site, and check the results for compliance with the requirements of search engines

Your project


They create great texts on theses, do the rewriting, and monitor the literacy of the texts on the site.

Content Managers

Carefully place the finished information on the site in accordance with the approved requirements.


They register your site in catalogs, work with CROWD-links, as well as place advertising articles with links to your site on thematic areas and mass media.


Creates page design layouts, prepares beautiful banners, draws icons and works with images.

Stages of work
We collect site requirements from you and from the market itself based on competitors. We analyze and identify the target audience.
We offer the best options, conclude a contract
Based on the collected data, we “package” the requirements into options and discuss with you, choose the appropriate option and conclude a contract.
We compile project documentation, prepare materials for the website
We document the work on the site, launch the work on creating the content necessary for the site.
Website development
We create a prototype, develop a functional, good-looking website using the latest technologies and styles, depending on which version of the site implementation is selected.
Testing, training and launching
Upon completion of work on the project, we conduct testing, configure redirects, and so on. We will give you a training session on how to manage the website on your own. After the website is approved, we launch!
Warranty, maintenance and further development
We fulfill warranty obligations, if necessary, promote the project and introduce new functionality.
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